The Retreat Experience

Each Morning Mist Retreat creates a safe environment where participants are removed from the daily distractions of life and can focus on their own personal intentions through meaningful dialog, soul searching, meditation, and various practices that put them in touch with their true essence. 

Their personal value is affirmed through creating community with other participants while enjoying an elegant dining experience in a warm and inviting home environment. 


Morning Mist Retreats partners with many local facilitators to present retreats offering a variety of spiritual and creative activities designed to enrich personal development and promote spiritual and physical healing.

Retreats focus on topics including creativity, body, mind, emotions, spirituality, relationships, and abundance.

 Upcoming Retreats:


Elation Creation

September 29, 2018

Create a beautiful wall or window hanging



 with Elise Krentzel

Balance Your Mind and Heart for a Joyful Life

When our lives are in balance all activity takes place in a calm, safe, and relaxed environment.   LifeGPS©™ is a navigation tool for ultimate well being targeting every aspect of health: mind, body, emotional, and spiritual.  This program will forever change your outlook by restoring joy, purpose, and confidence to your life.

Retreat Benefits:

  • Create a rich inner life through nurturing, attention, and quiet focus
  • Obtain positive energy patterns governing total health and release negative ingrained habits
  • Achieve emotional intelligence through clearing, cleansing, courage activation
  • Remove pain, discomfort and disease through body mapping
  • Use creativity to engage your intuition, imagination, and inspiration
  • Restore energy flow and faith in your divine self

REGISTER NOW:  Class limit 16

When:     Saturday, June 9, 2012, 10 am - 4 pm (lunch included)
Where:    5013 Sendero Springs Drive, Round Rock, TX  78681 

Cost:        Registration is $125 (Early bird discount is $95 paid by Friday May 11)

Register by May 19 to receive these bonuses:

Bonus 1:    Receive 9 week Life GPS Sessions (90 minutes each) for $1900, a $2500 value
Bonus 2:     Receive or observe a live DNA Life Activation session during this class  
Bonus 3:     Attend one $30 Transformation 101 Meet Up for $15   
Registration:    Click for On-Line Registration  OR Call 512-255-0075 and send registration fee to: Morning Mist Retreats, 5013 Sendero Springs Dr., Round Rock, TX  78681 
What to Bring:  Pen and journal for notes

Morning Mist Retreats is a Texas non-profit organization dedicated to providing transformative, fulfilling retreats
that are spiritual, experiential, culturally diverse, and affordable. See
For more information contact Karen Beard, Director, at (512) 255-0075 or

Elise Krentzel is a renaissance woman: entrepreneur, mother, inspirational public speaker, author, energetic healing practitioner and multiculturalist.  She has lived around the world and will share the secrets of balancing a satisfying career with a happy personal life.  Her contagious energy coupled the LifeGPS©™  system she has developed will lead you to a life of inner and outer harmony.  More at


 Loving Raw Foods! 

with Jisele Tuuri 

 Learn 5 Energizing Breakfast Entrees

 Add more years to your life and more life to your years!

Make and enjoy delicious Energizing Breakfast Meals with NO cooking! The menu features:
 Cashew Creme with mixed fruit
 Chia Pudding with cinnamon & raisins
 Get Up and Go Granola
 Fruit Parfait with nuts or cacao nibs
 Plum Pudding

 ~ all with no gluten, dairy or refined sugar. Nourish your body, mind, and soul while enhancing your spiritual connection. 

 Retreat Benefits:

o       Enjoy hands on food preparation, new menu selections, and the resulting delicious meal

o       Attain your ideal weight, lower your cholesterol, and obtain a youthful complexion while enjoying more energy and peace of mind

o       Learn the value of individual foods to your health, wellness, and spiritual path


Facilitator: Jisele Tuuri of Loving Raw Foods!

Jisele Tuuri has returned home to Austin and welcomes the opportunity to share her passion for preparing delicious meals with raw living foods.  More on Jisele and her E-Book Simple Solutions for a Sexy and Slender Body with Raw Life Enhancing Foods at

Read Jisele's blog post on Raw Food Living & Spirituality

When:           ENERGIZING BREAKFASTS - Saturday, June 16, 2012, 11 am - 2 pm (brunch included)

                    SMOOTHIES TO GO - Saturday, July 21, 2012, 11 am - 2 pm (brunch included)

Where:         5013 Sendero Springs Drive, Round Rock, TX  78681
Cost:            Registration is $35 per class plus $15 supplies (includes food, recipes, shopping list, and handouts)
REGISTER NOW:   Go to On-Line Registration or Call 512-255-0075 and send $15 nonrefundable deposit to: Morning Mist Retreats, 5013 Sendero Springs Dr., Round Rock, TX  78681   Class limit - 10 people (Register for one or more)

What to Bring:  Your tastebuds!  Handouts, recipes, shopping lists provided.



 Reconnect with Your TRUE SELF

  with Evelyn Talmadge

Success and Transformation Consultant

Freee yourself from negative thoughts and emotional patterns which have obscured your TRUE SELF.  Evelyn Talmadge will guide you through a process that will allow you to experience the loving and positive person you truly are.  Release your old fears and inhibitions!  This is a 4-week commitment to create the life you deserve! 

 "Evelyn accomplished in 20 minutes what no one else had been able to in 20 years;" - C.P.- Austin, TX  

"I see and feel so different after spending such a short period of time with her." - J.M. - Austin, TX

 Retreat Benefits:

o       Identify and break through barriers to being your True Self

o       Eliminate self sabotage and fear

o       Learn techniques that brings peace, calm and physical healing

o       Your 4th session (as a one-to-one) is tailored to your personal issues

 Facilitator: Evelyn Talmage, Success and Transformation Consultant

Evelyn Talmadge is an amazingly insightful coach trained in a variety of techniques and modalities which she combines to bring quick and lasting change.  Techniques include psychological kinesiology, right/left brain reconnection, and visualization.  Typically, Evelyn's individual sessions are over $200, so this package saves you $500!


Register NOWLimit: 6-8 people committed to embracing their True Self

When:          Sundays, February 19, 26, March 4;  1 - 4 pm (light snacks and tea included), last session is one-on-one with Evelyn
Where:         5013 Sendero Springs Drive, Round Rock, TX  78681 (take I-35, exit FM 1431 West)
Cost:            Registration is $75 per session, pay first session to register, $300 total for 4 weeks
Registration:   Go to On-Line Registration or Call 512-255-0075 and send $75 deposit for 1st session to: Morning Mist Retreats, 5013 Sendero Springs Dr., Round Rock, TX  78681 



Breakthrough to Success in 2012  

facilitated by Kimberly Porter

 of Blaze Breakthrough Coaching

  “How does one become a butterfly? She asked pensively. “You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.” -Trina Paulu

Most of us will fall apart at the brink of success. We’ll get cold feet, feel guilty, doubt our abilities, recall the pain of old failures, and worry we made the wrong decisions. This retreat is designed to achieve success by preventing failure.

Retreat Benefits

o       Face and overcome the 3 challenges to initiating change and achieving success: 

        1) Initial discomfort,   2) Negative self-talk,   3) Staying motivated

o       Raise the bar and stop doing the same old thing you’ve always done

o       Learn new strategies to ignore false alarms and resist the urge to quit

o       Refuse to fall back into familiar terrain, by cultivating the ability to tolerate discomfort

o       Courageously take off the blinders and breakthrough the bull crap

In Addition You will have the Opportunity to:

o       Meet and connect with like-minded people; nothing great is done in isolation

o       Connect with others while enjoying an elegant dining experience

o       Participate in the 30-day club for support in taking action

Facilitator: Kimberly Porter of Blaze Breakthrough Coaching

Kimberly Porter, Founder of Blaze Breakthrough Coaching is adventurous, passionate, and committed to deeper learning and drawn to the edges of life where true transformation occurs. She believes that true inner peace and freedom results from making your unique, authentic and heartfelt sound for the world to hear. Kimberly is committed to motivating others to create crystal clear goals, write plans, take action, and achieve success.  She is a volunteer facilitator for Girls Empowerment Network of Austin.  More on Kimberly at Website available January 1, 2012.

If you’re ready to go from Idea to Action & Make 2012 a year of your heart’s desire

Register NOW: This retreat limited to 15 people - come be a part of the FAB FIFTEEN

When:  To Be Rescheduled  - Coming Soon (dinner included)

Where: 5013 Sendero Springs Drive, Round Rock, TX 78681 (take I-35, exit FM 1431 West)

Cost:     Registration is $75 & includes a marvelous meal ($15 value)

Registration:  Go to On-Line Registration OR send $75 registration fee to:

 Morning Mist Retreats, 5013 Sendero Springs Drive, Round Rock, TX 78681   (512) 255-0075

What to Bring: A journal and pen.



 Morning Mist Retreats IDEAL WEIGHT TEAM

Cinch by the Inch and Reach Your Ideal Weight


You Don't Have to Do It ALONE!

WHAT IF you reached your ideal weight in the next 3 months?  
WHAT IF you made money doing it?
WHAT IF you had fun by joining with others in reaching your goal?
WHAT IF it is easier to do than you thought?  

Join the GenesisPURE/Morning Mist Retreats IDEAL WEIGHT TEAM for a Fun and Easy 3-month program that will support you in reaching your goals quickly.  Benefits:
o  Approach or reach your ideal weight with the support of a team

o  Receive weight/exercise logs and food plans to support you in reaching your goals 

o  Explore the health benefits of GenesisPURE all natural product (SuperFruits, Cleanse-Balance-Build, Health Trim, Energy, and more) that fit your personal needs
Facilitators: Heidi Oliver and Karen Beard, Genesis Pure Consultants
Heidi Oliver is the author of Color Your Life with Love and has been a GenesisPURE consultant for 18 months.  She has taken her GenesisPURE business to the Platinum level and holds weekly gatherings at her home to support others in achieving business and personal success and health through the use of GenesisPURE products.  This amazing product line has helped her achieve her ideal weight, eliminate her back ache and hot flashes, and increase the stamina needed for her weekly tennis games.

Karen Beard is the founder and Executive Director of Morning Mist Retreats which she has successfully run for 8 years supporting others in their personal, physical, spiritual, and financial growth and goal achievement.  She is thrilled about the GenesisPURE product line as a compliment to Morning Mist Retreats to support others in reaching their health and financial goals and to obtain the many benefits of being self employed.

Join Us Anytime for Ideal Weight Support

When:   Mondays through April 9, 6:30 - 8:30 pm (light snacks/tea available for support
Where: 1203 Mattapan Dr. Pflugerville, TX 78660
Cost:    Support Group and Materials Free - Optional Genesis PURE products available.   

Registration:  Call Karen at 255-0075 to join the Team. 


 Radiant Heart Group

for Personal and Spiritual Growth 

 with Dr. Sharon Wendt Wesch 

Author of The Radiant Heart


Give Yourself the Gift of Evolving to Higher Levels of Consciousness

Evolving to higher and higher levels of consciousness is the most important soul growth anyone can accomplish. It is a universal purpose for every soul who comes to earth. The main purpose of this group is to provide a place for like-minded people to connect with each other and with Spirit as they learn ways to permanently raise their vibratory frequency.  All sessions will include experiential exercises designed to remove energetic blocks, anchor your soul in your heart, expand your aura, and access your soul, which is the wisest part of you. In addition, each participant will be able to focus on healing their specific individual issues with the assistance of Dr. Wesch such as: 

o       Heal Your Heart ~ Opening your heart to give and receive love

o       Connect with Your Soul Purpose~ Lessons to Learn & Gifts

o       Empower Yourself ~ Eliminate victim consciousness

o       Work with Your Shadow Side ~ Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, & Negativity

o       Identify Prenatal Wounding ~ Healing These Unconscious Wounds

o       Radiant Heart Healing Applied to Grief ~ Healing Your Heart to Love Again

o       Learn to Forgive ~ Radical Forgiveness Process

o       Live with Passion ~ Strengthening Your Will to Live and Embrace Life

Group Facilitator: Dr. Sharon Wesch is a psychologically trained spiritual teacher, author, and psychotherapist with 30 years experience using spiritual healing with her clients.  She is the author of The Radiant Heart: Healing the Heart/Healing the Soul.  For the past 20 years she has trained hundreds of healers to use Radiant Heart Healing, a spiritual process she created in 1984.


Register NOW: Group limit is 6-10 people (Additional session to be offered Wednesday am if more than 10 register)

When: 6 Saturdays - 9:30 am - 12:30 pm; Jan 14 & 28 ~ Feb 11 & 25 ~ Mar 10 & 31

Where: 5013 Sendero Springs Drive, Round Rock, TX 78681 (west of I-35, on FM 1431)

Cost:  Registration is $75 

Fee:  $75.00 per person ~ paid each week, first payment at registration ($25 per hour compared to $100+ for therapy sessions)

 To Register: Contact Karen Beard: 512-255-0075 or Go to On-Line Registration  OR send $75 to: Morning Mist Retreats, 5013 Sendero Springs Dr., Round Rock, TX 78681 

Deadline for Registration: Monday, January 9, 2012.



 Morning Mist Retreats is a Texas non-profit organization dedicated to providing retreats that are spiritual, experiential,culturally diverse, and affordable. Our goal is to provide transformative, fulfilling experiences. See
For more information contact, Karen Beard, Director, at (512) 255-0075 or morning_mist_retreats-owner @

To receive emails announcing upcoming retreats and events join our Yahoo group mailing list at     Or see us on Facebook, Linked In & Twitter.


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