The concept of Morning Mist Retreats was birthed from the idea of returning to a "Garden" state of mind where peace, love, kindness, joy, and harmony reside as in the Garden of Eden in oneness with God and all of creation.  Our BACk to the Garden program for volunteers is about "Being A Contribution" to helping others return to the "garden" through the planning and implementing of retreats and related activities.

Board Position:

Due to expansion plans, Morning Mist Retreats currently seeks volunteers to serve as Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, and Board Member on the Morning Mist Retreats Board of Directors. See job descriptions below.


Contribute to our Building Fund with a Donation or a New or Existing Compass Bank Account.  See details below after the volunteer opportunities.

Cash and In-kind contributions can be designated to one of the following funds. Those undesignated will be contributed to our operating funds. Contributions can be sent to:

Morning Mist Retreats
5013 Sendero Springs Drive
Round Rock, Texas 78681

Contribution Funds can be chosen for your donation:  Retreat scholarships, building fund, operations, endowment, silent auction items. See Contributor Listings Below.

Thanks to all our Contributors

Empower Your Life

Silent Auction - 10/29/11

With Our Deepest Gratitude to Our Volunteers, Contributors, and Promotional Sponsors: See a listing of our Volunteers, Facilitators, Contributors, and Promotional Sponsors below.

Studio Kitchen entrees and desserts are served at many of our retreats, and we are listed on their website.  See  www.thestudiokitchen.com

Promoters and Ticket Distributors have helped to announce and promote our 2004 and 2006 Banquet of Retreats Fund Raising Events. 

Volunteer Board Member positions open at Morning Mist Retreats:

Growth and Contribution Opportunity

The positions of Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, and Board Member on the Morning Mist Retreats Board of Directors have become available.  We are looking for people to join us in providing spiritual growth opportunities to the Central Texas Community.  Morning Mist Retreats is a Texas Non-profit Organization dedicated to providing retreats that are spiritual, experiential, culturally diverse and affordable leading to individual transformation and personal fulfillment. 

• Personal and professional growth in areas of leadership and business development
• Personal growth through board participation and retreat attendance
• Develop and practice skills related to your board role (i.e. leadership, financial managment)
• Be part of a creative team enjoying synergy and success

For More Information or to Apply, Contact:

 Karen Beard, Director
 Morning Mist Retreats
 512-255-0075 or 512-739-9542
morning_mist_retreats-owner @ yahoogroups.com

Board of Directors' Purpose:  To provide direction and initiative that will increase Morning Mist Retreats visibility in the community, growth, and goal achievement.

Morning Mist Retreats Goals (from Business Plan under development):
1. Employ a staff of skilled, talented, and committed individuals.                                                                                          2. Own and maintain a facility with overnight accommodations suitable for retreats.
3. Become recognized as the premier provider of self transformation retreats in Central Texas and the U.S.
4. Establish and continue to grow a financially stable nonprofit organization serving the country through franchised retreat operations.


Job Description:
• Assist with agenda and leading board meetings (2 hours/month)
• Provide leadership in organization development and expansion (2 hours/month)
• Receive training to step into the role as President


Job Description:
• Attend monthly board meetings and present Treasurer's Report (2 hours/month)
• Receive and deposit income, prepare income/expense statements (2 hours/month)
• Establish QuickBooks accounting system for furture growth


Job Description:
• Attend monthly board meetings and take minutes (2 hours/month)
• Prepare and send out meeting minutes (2 hours/month)
• Maintain corporate Records and forms

Volunteer Coordinator:

Job Description:
• Attend monthly board meetings and assist with Volunteer Strategy development (2 hours/month)
• Attend United Way's Volunteer Project Leader Training and prepare volunteer position announcements
• Make assignments and coordinate with volunteers

Board Member:

Job Description:
• Attend monthly board meetings and assist with Business Plan development (2 hours/month)
• Select a job that fits your talents (2 hours/month)
• Assist with implementing new growth strategies


Thanks to Empower Your Life event contributors hosted on October 29 by Morning Mist Retreats.  

Facilitators who contributed a Session to Empower Your Life:

Think and Grow Rich  Tim Wright .  www.wrightresults.com
Working with Power Animals  Gerry Starnes   www.gerrystarnes.com  
The Shadow Effect Donna Lipman  www.donnalipman.com 
Compassionate Communication Jo-Beth Kiefer
Writing Practical Wisdom Carolyn Scarborough  www.backyardpearls.com

Changing Your Beliefs Sherry Ransom  www.sherryransom.com
An Exercise in Universal Perfection David Tangredi www.afoolsinclination.com
Facing Your Fears Sherry Dawson www.infocustransitions.com
Secret Soul Messages Betty Rogers www.bettyrogers.com
Emotional Freedom Technique Kay Christopher www.EFT-Austin.com
Celebrate Your Heart Concert India Taylor www.indiataylor.com

Chakra Color Meditation Evelyn Talmadge
Pure Soul Alchemy Gabriella Espinosa www.puresoulalchemy.com
Strength, Destiny & Bliss   Gina McWhorter www.ginamcwhorter.com
Connect to Your Creativity Lynne West
Storytelling Self Discovery Nancy Wood
A Near Death Experience Barbra Sonnen-Hernandez www.barbrasonnen-hernandez.blogspot.com
Walk of Attention Karen Beard

Contributors to the Silent Auction include:

Art by: Camille Harmon, Lynne West, Adeline Rem

Singed Books/CDs by: Sherry Ransom, Carolyn Scarborough, India Taylor, Tim Wright, Heidi Shelton, Enrique Zepeda, Barbra Sonnen-Hernandez, Angelene Grace, David Tangredi 

Practioner Sessions by: Sara Blumenfeld, Caren Coe, Betty Rogers, Cindy Shelton, David Tangredi, Kim Keeton, DIANNA, Evelyn Talmadge, Kim Rene Kiefer, Sue Castle, Carla Shaver, Anu Mandapati

Gift Baskets/Certificates by: Katheran Acmorsoni, Steve Davis, Adeline Rem, Bernadette Marez


Thanks to our EMPOWER YOUR LIFE VOLUNTEERS: Jo-Beth Kiefer, Heidi Shelton, Lisa Waddell, Nancy Wood, Sherry Ransom, Cynthia Collins, Joy Borazjani, Ken Beard, and Marti Swanson

 MORNING MIST RETREATS is a Texas Non-Profit Organization.

Since our founding 2004, we have held more than 90 retreats throughout Central Texas . Our mission is to provide retreats that are spiritual, experiential, affordable, and culturally diverse. All contributions are tax deductible. EIN#51-0524774.

 The Morning Mist Retreats Building Fund

Morning Mist Retreats has a vision of creating a retreat center facility to host retreats and events.  The facility will provide garden spaces for meditation, a labyrinth, warm and inviting overnight facilities, original art, both indoor and outdoor retreat spaces, and elegant dining experiences with nourishing, healthy food.  Other ideas for the center include a Japanese Tea House, waterfalls, walking trails, lots of trees, and use of a Feng Shui design.  The space will be dynamic and evolving to meet the needs of guests and retreat facilitators.   As a nonprofit organization, the Morning Mist Retreats vision is to provide access to everyone through scholarships and volunteer opportunities.  This sacred space will support and enhance spiritual renewal, connection, and personal transformation. 

You can be a part of building the Morning Mist Retreat Center by mailing a building fund
contribution to Morning Mist Retreats, 5013 Sendero Springs Drive, Round Rock, Texas 78681 or using your new or existing Compass Bank Account - see details below. 





To Donate to the Building Fund using a Credit/Debit Card: 

Donation to Building Fund

$ 10 USD

Change quantity to increase donation amount.


Open a Compass Bank Account and Compass Bank will

Donate $50 to the Morning Mist Meditation Garden

All new checking account royalties and ongoing card use royalties will be used to support the Morning Mist Retreats building fund to create a Meditation Garden.  We appreciate your contribution!

BBVA Compass Bank has selected the Morning Mist Retreats as one of the non-profits it supports through the Compass For Your Cause program.

How it works:

1.  Open a new BBVA Compass checking account* and tell your BBVA Compass Banker to apply our organization affinity code listed below (87519)BBVA  Compass will pay Morning Mist Retreats a royalty of $50 for your account opening.

2.  Apply for a BBVA Compass Visa Check Card* (DEBIT CARD) tied to your account. BBVA will provide a small contribution to Morning Mist with every signatured or credit use of your debit card.

Already a customer?

If you are already a BBVA Compass customer, simply tell your banker to update your account to include the Morning Mist Retreats Affinity code. You can also do this by calling 1-800-COMPASS or at any  BBVA Compass Banking Center. When you participate in the program you will also be eligible for the Compass Bonus BankingSM program which offers you opportunities to save more on all your banking needs. Make sure you ask your BBVA Compass representative about the program.

 Morning Mist Retreats' Affinity Code: 87519 

*Accounts and check cards subject to approval. $25 minimum opening deposit required. New account holder must make 5 transactions (deposits, checks, online bill payments, ACH transactions or check card purchases) within first 60 days of opening the checking account in order for the organization to qualify for royalty payments. New account holder must be a resident of AL, AZ, CO, FL, NM or TX and must be at least 18 years of age (19 in AL) to qualify. 

**Program bonuses will be paid within 90 days of account opening.  New accounts must have a minimum of two customer initiated deposits within the first 30 days.

***A "Qualifying Purchase" is any signature-based purchase, internet purchase, phone or mail-order purchase, bill payment, contactless purchase (a purchase made by holding your Visa card or other device up to a secure reader instead of swiping your card), or small dollar purchase for which you are not required to sign, made with an enrolled Visa card, which is processed and submitted through the Visa U.S.A. Inc. purchase system. A Qualifying Purchase does not include a purchase made using a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or purchase you initiate through identification technology that substitutes for a PIN.


Volunteers serve in one of the following areas: 

Board Members: Board positions include President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Marketing Director, and Volunteer Coordinator. 

Volunteer Coordinator:  Recruit, orient, and place volunteers using Hands on Central Texas website. 

Event Services:  Conduct registrations, food preparation, check-in, set-up, clean-up and other event logistics for retreats while attending retreats.

Facilitator Recruiter:  Recruit, interview, select, and plan retreats with Morning Mist Retreat facilitators and maintain a database of facilitators, retreat topics, and biographic information. 

Facilities:  Identify and visit potential sites for retreats and maintain a database of information on available facilities. Plan for future Morning Mist Retreats permanent facility.

Fund Raising: Raise funds for retreat scholarships and operations through silent auctions, fund raising events, and solicitation of donations of goods, services, and cash contributions.

Grant Writing:  Plan grant projects and prepare grant applications.

Library:  Volunteers will inventory/catalog books, maintain library membership, provide book check-out services and plan library hours/activities.

Marketing: Assist with retreat promotion and Morning Mist awareness through preparation and distribution of promotional materials, and website updating.

Records:   Updates yahoo group, volunteer and donor data bases and documentation.

For More Information or to Volunteer, Contact:

 Karen Beard, Director
 Morning Mist Retreats
 512-255-0075 or 512-739-9542
morning_mist_retreats-owner @ yahoogroups.com


With Our Deepest Gratitude to Our Volunteers, Contributors, & Promoters: 

Current and Past Board Members:

Alyssa Dadoly
Arlene Painter
BJ Taylor
Cheryl Meiers
Dolores Sharp
Emma Vas
Enrique Zepeda
Grace Nguchu
Harry Midy
Karen (Kirkpatrick) Beard
Katheran Acmorsoni
Kim Iberg
Marcia Beckford
Mary Elizabeth Hopkins
Reni Johnson
Shelly Frierson
Stacy Fabing
Tim Wright
Tiziana (Forastiere) Barrow

Other Volunteer Contributors:

Al Giles (Banquet of Retreats set up)
Amy Golub (Grant Writing)
Clover Watson (Website Hosting)
Dixie Russell (Facilities)
Doug Conrad (Marketing)
Eileen Murphy (Grant Writing)
Karen Horen (Volunteer Coordination)
Kathi Lunny (Banquet Food)
Kathryn Krastin (Strategy Recorder)
Kay Hammond (Banquet Silent Auction)
Latasha Robinson (Registrations)
Lina Navar (Yahoo Group)
Mary Hengstebeck (Registrations)
Mary King (Event Services)
Nancy Currier (Library)
Patti Townsdin (Event Services)
Sarah Rea (Marketing)
Sheila Fling (Grant Planning)
Shelly Frierson (Event Services)
Taysia Glover(Grant Writing)

Retreat Facilitators for Banquet Fundraisers and Other Retreats:

Anneliesse Rosea (Meditation, Identity Makeover)
Barbara Kelly (Tuning into Love)
Betty Rogers (The Power of Alternate Hand Writing)
BJ Taylor (Destiny Discovery)
Carol Creel (Forgiveness Ceremony)
Carolyn Scarborough (Writing Practical Wisdom)
Christina Shaw (Sacred Dance)
Claudia Blanchard (Stain Glass)            
Colleen Jameson (Visualizing Change and Overcoming Obstacles)
Connie Heaps (Reparenting)   
Deanna Cochran (Your Ideal Death)
Deanne Chesnut (Gifts from the Heart)
Debbie Young (Qigong)
Elantu Veovode (Celtic Knotwork)
Enrique Zepeda (Walk of Attention, Reframing your Life)
Frederick Bryan (Poetic Healing)
Garnita Kelly (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Gerry Starnes (Power Animals)
James Hershberger (Native Herb Walk)
John Wohn (Blackfoot Medicine Ways)
Joy-Pat Belk (Trust Walk, Miracles)
Judy Adler (Feng Shui)
Julia Chambers (Numerology)
Karen Beard (Shamanic Journey, Treasure Map, Stepping Stones, Miracles, Affirmation Book)
Katheran Acmorsoni (Numerology)
Katie Curilo (Hawaiian Hula and Lei Making)
Katy Swafford (Aphrodite Myth)
Kay Christopher (Emotional Freedom Technique and Abraham)
Kim Iberg (Coming Home to Your Creativity, Miracles)
LaWanda Badger (Radical Forgiveness)
Lynne West (Creativity, On-Line Dating)
Madelaine Dimond (Artist's Way)
Mary Chandler (Labyrinth)
May Millhouse (Prosperity Tools)
Michelle Ewalt (Change & Spirituality)
Nancy Wood Conover (Storytelling)
Pam Breithaupt (Yoga & Breath Work)
Paul Hubbert (Sound Healing)
Renee Sendelbach (Card Stamping)
Scott Weaver (Inner Child Dialog)
Shelley Burke (Guided Meditation)
Sherry Dawson (Dancing in Uncertainty)
Sherry Gingras (Drumming)
Sherry Ransom (Abundance Awareness)
Star Courteaux (Dream Catchers, Sweat Lodge)
Stacy Fabing (Christmas Collage)
Steve and Nancy Latham (Drumming Circle)
Sylvia Powell (Master Mind Prayer)
Tamra Zehner (Healing Trauma using Somatic Experiencing)     
Tim Levy (The Life Summit)
Tim Wright (Think and Grow Rich, Prosperity Tools)
Theresa Woodsong (Living Light/Feng Shui)

Contributors of Cash and In-Kind Donations:
Adrienne Sobolak
Ariana Vincent, RMT
Arlene Painter
Artist's Hair Studio - Jennifer Hill
Barbara Gordon
Blue Moon Glassworks
Bonnie Holdman, RMT

Bonnie Steele, RMT
Cathedral Stained Glass                                               
Compass Bank; "Compass through your Cause" card holders       Elantu of Ghostraven
Gallery of Salons - Bridget Brooks
Hilltop Hairstyling - Katheran Acmorsoni
Irene Gonzales
Kay Hammond
Kim Iberg
Lawanda Badger
Madeleine Dimond
New Day Creations
Nomadic Notions
Optimal Health Acupuncture - Yvonne Perez
Paula Edwall
Peg Shoettlin, RMT
Remedy Center for Healing Arts - Catherine Jean
Rising Sun Acupuncture - Kim Alvarado
Shelly Frierson
Tony Read
Topaz Salon - Jennifer Garcia
Tracy Faust, RMT
Triumph Café
Unity Church of the Hills                                                        Valerie Graves

Promotional Sponsors, Promoters, and Ticket Distributors:
#1 Food Mart
Book People Bookstore
CloverMoon Productions
Crystal Works
Kerbey Lane Café
KOOP 91.7 FM
Mothers Cafe
Mystic Moor
Nature's Healing Herbs
Nomadic Notions
North Lake Travis Log
Studio Kitchen
Things Celtic
Turquoise Trading Post
Whole Foods
Whole Life Books


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