To Love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance – Oscar Wilde

Retreats have transformed my life in many ways and that is why I am committed to creating and hosting retreats as the director of Morning Mist Retreats.  One issue I have struggled with is self love and self-care - a necessary step to having a healthy relationship.  Embracing, loving, and nourishing your Authentic Self is an important part of recovery and a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. To love others, we must first love ourselves. As Iyanla Vanzant so aptly puts it: "Love is the experience of oneness, a union of the mind and heart. We attempt to create this union with others before first creating it within ourselves. This is absolutely impossible! You cannot get love on the outside until you are love on the inside."

The February 2007 retreat "Embracing Your Authentic Self" helped me to love and accept myself through self-care and clearing out the past of ideas and energy that blocked me.  This special day allowed me to value myself, provide self comfort, nourishment and the encouragement and support of others.  Through creating a special collage of my strengths and desires, I embraced these qualities within myself and envisioned a future of my heart's desires, strengthening my self-love.  I learned that I can get caught up in taking care of others and expecting them to take care of me and I released this need through a burning ceremony.  Through ongoing self care, I feel better about myself and my self-love is deepened.