Living a raw food lifestyle is so much more than what you consume on a daily basis.
The more you introduce cleaner, fresher foods into your life the cleaner your body and thoughts become.
The more raw foods you consume the higher your vibrational frequency becomes.
How is that possible?
Because once you start to clean out your precious body and flush out the accumulated toxins from years of eating processed and refined foods the more your body can resonate at a purer level.
When your body is clean, your thoughts become cleaner and more inspired.  When that happens you become more intuitive and connected to Spirt or Source.
Even  studies have shown that the Pineal gland which is located in the third eye area of the forehead shrinks as we consume adulterated and toxic foods and beverages. 
The Pineal gland is considered our connection to God, Source, Great Spirit or higher self.
The more raw living foods you consume, the more the Pineal gland has a chance to revive and strengthen therefore the connection to Source is stronger.
Raw foods are naturally nurturing to the body, mind and Spirit.
To your vibrant health and well being