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How many times have you heard that "Money doesn't grow on trees", that "Money is the root of all Evil" or that anyone who is rich must, by definition, be either a crook or extremely hard and tough? Most people have extremely negative associations about Wealth and Money that were gained subconsciously whilst growing up. What are your beliefs?

Given that the Universe and the Source that created it are infinitely abundant, it is entirely correct that you should expect to be similarly abundant in your life. You have a right to wholesome expansion and wealth. Poverty is not intrinsic within creation--rather it is created by Man himself!

As you bring your finite Mind and Being increasingly in tune with the Source of infinite abundance, and you cannot help but manifest abundance too. Moreover, you will do it with ease, at will, and to a greater level than you ever believed possible for yourself and others. If the universe is infinitely creative, then you can be too once you are in tune with the spiritual laws by which the universe functions.

Decide from the outset what your true life purpose and hence priority is. Then determine NEVER to let that balance between spiritual commitment and external effort be undermined. When we work upon an external goal--particularly financial abundance--it is VERY easy to allow that goal to consume an increasing amount of time and mental capacity.

Decide from the outset that you are going to focus upon the process of being excellent in the field of endeavor that is your life's purpose. Then pursue it with the intention of being the very best you can be, rather than focusing primarily upon some monetary result/goal at the end of the process. You can certainly have a monetary goal. However, just be aware of the danger of letting this becoming the primary obsession. Don't ever let it happen. Also, always continually re-assess the balance and level of commitment between your externally focused activities and your spiritual goals. Never let that balance slip.

Understand this: when you are at peace, the universe supports you. And supports you in ways that are most appropriate for your life. In the west, this is the experience of money coming easily. When you are open and in self-acceptance and in alignment with spirit in your life, then money can enter as universal love.

Money is power in your world. If you wish to change things, you are more likely to have success if you have money than if you do not. Therefore to revile wealth is in some cases to abdicate power. From a spiritual perspective this is like telling spirit that you refuse it entry.

As you become willing to do what it takes to take care of yourself, to offer yourself a life of ease, to move into trust and let go of the fear that holds you in your suffering, then the universe can enter.  If you are truly spiritual, you will celebrate the world and find ways to live that reflect your joy.