This is a sacred day.

February 5, 2013
This is a sacred day.
This is a sacred day. It is sacred because we woke up and have another chance to live a life free, full, and loving. So the question of the day is  "Who would I forgive today?"  We all have our friends.... and then we have our "sacred friends".  They are the ones who have challenged us and put us over the edge so we had to grow.  They might look like the "enemy", but without them we would still be stuck. Heres to blessing our "sacred friends" today~~  and knowing they are in our pattern that is shaping our growth.
Judy Matejczyk 

Balancing Money and Spirituality

February 21, 2012

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How many times have you heard that "Money doesn't grow on trees", that "Money is the root of all Evil" or that anyone who is rich must, by definition, be either a crook or extremely hard and tough? Most people have extremely negative associations about Wealth and Money that were gained subconsciously whilst growing up. What are your beliefs?

Given that the Universe and the Source that created it are infinitely abundant, it is entirely corr...

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Raw Food Living & Spirituality by Jisele Tuuri

February 7, 2012
Living a raw food lifestyle is so much more than what you consume on a daily basis.
The more you introduce cleaner, fresher foods into your life the cleaner your body and thoughts become.
The more raw foods you consume the higher your vibrational frequency becomes.
How is that possible?
Because once you start to clean out your precious body and flush out the accumulated toxins from years of eating processed and refined foods the more your body can resonate at a purer level.
When your body is clean...

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Post Your Retreat Story

October 4, 2010

 Morning Mist Retreats - Stories of Transformation:

If one of our retreats has impacted your life, please share your story with others (signed or anonymous) by sending it for posting on this blog page to:

morning_mist_retreats-owner @

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A Meditation Prayer (November 2005)

October 4, 2010

This is a special time of prayer and silence. It is a time with God. It is a time with an all-encompassing Power. It is a time of healing. As you quiet your thoughts, you feel the presence of God within and around you.


Let us become still and feel this presence now. There is only God, and God is love.

The presence of Divine love fills your heart with serenity. As you realize the power of Divine love within you, you greet each day with confidence and live each day in peace.


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The Dream (October 2006)

October 4, 2010

I attended a meditation retreat and achieved the deepest most energizing meditation I’ve ever been in.  I set the intention of being at peace and not scattered.  I’ve also been working on releasing my craving for marriage.

The next morning I had a nightmare about other men which led to several insights:
I felt alone and vulnerable in the dream.  I realized upon awaking and reflecting on the dream that I blamed my 1st husband for not protecting me, not taking care of me, and not valuing me...

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Embracing Your Authentic Self (February 2007)

March 15, 2010

To Love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance – Oscar Wilde

Retreats have transformed my life in many ways and that is why I am committed to creating and hosting retreats as the director of Morning Mist Retreats.  One issue I have struggled with is self love and self-care - a necessary step to having a healthy relationship.  Embracing, loving, and nourishing your Authentic Self is an important part of recovery and a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. To love others, we mu...

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