Empower Your Life

A Day Away to Return, Release, and Renew


NEW DAY - Due to Bastrop Fires: 

A portion of proceeds will be donated to area families who've lost homes.


October 29, 2011  9:30 am to 4:30 pm

At the beautiful McKinney Roughs Nature Preserve 


"Seeds of Change" painted by Georgetown Artist Camille Harmon for Empower Your Life will be raffled to support area families who've lost their homes to the wildfires.

A Customized Life-Changing Day

Join us for a Life-Changing Day designed to meet your needs to create a life of power and possibility.
Engage the 3-step Formula for a Fulfilling Life by choosing from 20 Facilitated Sessions Designed to:

1 - RETURN to the Present Moment, access the POWER OF NOW, and set your Intention for the day.
     Choose from Writing Practical Wisdom, Think and Grow Rich, The Shadow Effect, Power Animals, and more.

2 - RELEASE the Past, clear blocks, and remove limitations and fears. 
     Choose from Facing Your Fears, Changing Your Beliefs, Secret Soul Messages, and more.

3 - RENEW your Future, engage the LAW OF ATTRACTION, and Manifest Your Desires.
     Choose from Radiant Heart, Creativity Connection, Storytelling Self-Discovery, Walk of Attention, & more.

4 - A Session for everyone to REALIZE and access Your Spiritual Gift.

Choose 3 Sessions from over 20 Offerings and Facilitators:

Click on Session listings below to get more information on sessions and facilitators.  OR QUICK Register and select later.


Session Theme >>

Going Within/Verbena Room Wellness / Lantana
Creativity / Primrose
Healing / Library
Expression / Amphitheatre
Spiritual/Dining Hall & Trails

 and COLOR Your Life with Love

4 - A Session for everyone to REALIZE and access Your Spiritual Gift.
    Identify your Gift and the COLOR it represents as a:
    Leader, Promoter, Data Collector, Healer, Teacher, Artist, or Helper.
    Create Fulfilling Relationships by knowing the Gifts of others.
    Find Joy and Happiness by honoring and embracing Your Gift.

 When: Saturday  -  10/29/11 - 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Where:  McKinney Roughs Nature Preserve

with 18 miles of trails on the Colorado River (13 miles past Bergstrom on 71)

Contribution:  $50 to register and $10 for lunch or bring your own

50 Scholarhips Available for those who've lost their homes to the recent wildfires.

Includes: Book Signing & Sale, Wellness Practioners, Silent Auction (click to contribute).

Go to On-Line Registration OR call (512) 255-0075

Join us at the McKinney Roughs Nature Preserve which is nestled along the Colorado River adjacent to the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort and has over 1,100 acres of pine forests, box canyons and post oak meadows to enjoy.

Just 15 minutes east of Bergstrom Airport, you will feel your tensions drop away each mile you travel from the city. 

1884 Hwy 71 West, Cedar Creek, TX 78612 (512) 303-5073



Return to the Present Session Descriptions - Morning Session 1 - 10:00-11:00 am

Think and Grow Rich     (Living Abundantly - Beauty Berry Room) 10-11 am,      Facilitated by Tim Wright  

Explore ways to alter your relationship with money and shift your attitude from scarcity and lack to abundance and success. Receive awareness of richness and enrichment, of mental power and financial strength, keys to personal achievement and growth, application tools for Napoleon Hill’s decades-old Think and Grow Rich! principles (in 21st century language and practice), and specific tactics to make Hill’s Thirteen Steps work for you. Set your own definition of what you want, by when, and how to get it.  Tim Wright is a teacher, manager, executive, entrepreneur, prayer chaplain, and older brother. Tim offers expertise in the relationship between employee engagement and performance improvement.  www.wrightresults.com

Working with Power Animals (Going Within/Verbena Room) 10-11 am, Facilitated by Gerry Starnes

Working with Power Animals is a fundamental, powerful, and fun way to integrate shamanic practices into everyday living.   Power Animals focuses on the shamanic tradition of communication with Spirit through the medium of spiritual representatives, such as animals and spirit guides, with the goal to initiate or improve integration between participants' ordinary lives and awareness of spiritual guidance.  You will leave the presentation with specific techniques, insights, and a new way to see the world.  Gerry Starnes, M.Ed., has been a shamanic practitioner and teacher in the Austin area for more than a decade. He has studied both traditional and alternative healing practices for more than 25 years. Gerry has created and presented dozens of workshops and events related to shamanism, healing, and spiritual living. He organized the first shamanic journey circles in Austin in 2003, which are currently held weekly. Gerry also offers group and personal shamanic healing and life coaching sessions. He is a founding member of the national Society for Shamanic Practitioners.  www.gerrystarnes.com  

Chi-Gong: Letting it Flow (Wellness/Lantana Room) 10-11 am,     Facilitated by Dr. Paddy Tawada

You will learn and practice simple but highly effective movements that will cultivate your chi/energy and improve your circulation, health, resistance to disease and release stress. Practiced for thousands of years in the Far East, Chi Gong has gained popularity in the West as benefits such as enhanced energy, relaxation and clear mind can be experienced immediately. The importance of your chi flowing abundantly and with ease is KEY to maintaining health and happiness. Allow me to help you rediscover and ignite your inner healing chi. Beginner's mind is most welcome!   Dr. Paddy Tawada has practiced martial and movement arts for over 25 years and have studied with masters and teachers from Japan, Bali, USA and China. Her Oriental Medicine  practice includes: Chi Gong, acupuncture, tuina, acupressure, cupping, Chinese herbs, whole food nutrition, therapeutic exercises, meditation and more. www.drpea.com


The Shadow Effect (Creativity / Primrose Room) 10-11 am     Facilitated by Donna Lipman
Donna uses clips of the film The Shadow Effect to demonstrate the devastating effects of the shadow and how we can use the events of the past to create an inspiring future. She will lead you through a process to identify one of your deepest shadows and support you in finding the gift and understanding how it can be useful in your pursuit of transforming your life. Through healing the past your are able to be the greatest expression of yourself. Based on The Secret of the Shadow by Debbie Ford and her other books. Donna Lipman worked up through the ranks at Debbie Ford's Institute to the executive level and is the only person, other than Debbie Ford herself, to present the unique and powerful "Shadow Process Retreat" as well as the Institute's Master Integrative Coaches Training Program, presented at JFK University where Donna was an associate professor. The personal training received from Debbie has made her extremely adept at assisting clients in creating a unique personalized blueprint for their lives, allowing them to make sustainable inner and outer changes and achieve goals well beyond their perceived potential. www.donnalipman.com 


Compassionate Communication (Healing Relationships / Library) 10-11 am      Facilitated by Jo-Beth Kiefer

Communication is a very integral part of our understanding those around us and integral to others understanding us. Most of us would agree that learning to communicate compassionately could improve our ability to communicate with family members, friends, and others in our communities. The process begins by being open to genuinely hear what another is saying and then moving into a space where you can repeat what you heard them say. First understand what is being communicated then responding with compassion to what was said.  Based on the book Communication a language of life by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., Jo-Beth demonstrates how connection through empathic listening allows us to transform conflict into mutually satisfying outcomes by defusing anger and frustration peacefully. Participants will explore a vocabulary for feelings and practice receiving and responding empathetically.  Jo-Beth Kiefer is President and past VP of Membership of athe Round Rock Toastmaster's Chambermasters Club #4591. Jo-Beth is an Core Team member for Common Passion (www.commonpassion.org) and has been an event coordinator and participant in many tranformative retreats drawing participants from across the U.S. including Teach Only Love Eden events (www.teachonlylove.com). Jo-Beth has been an entrepreneur in the areas of book keeping, tax preparation, and wedding event planning and active in many community organizations.  


Writing Practical Wisdom (Expression / Amphitheatre) 10-11 am     Facilitated by Carolyn Scarborough

What is the wisdom you want to share with the world? And how do you more easily, joyfully write it? In this workshop, we’ll learn to move powerfully into the present moment to get “unstuck,” find our authentic voices and simply have more fun writing! Through sensory walking, guided questioning, writing and discussion, we’ll explore our message and how to tap into the moment to extract the writing pearls hidden there.  Carolyn Scarborough, aka “The Book Whisperer,” is a professionally trained life and writing coach who helps people turn their “whispering” to write into reality. Her passion is inspiring people to tap into their inner wisdom, then share their message with the world through non-fiction books, novels, memoirs, blogs or articles. She helps them find clarity, move past limiting beliefs, and write with ease and joy. Her most recent book is "Backyard Pearls: Cultivating Wisdom and Joy in Everyday Life." She is an award-winning magazine writer, editor and newspaper columnist and has published more than 500 articles in magazines around the world. www.backyardpearls.com

Release the Past Session Descriptions - Morning Session 2 - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Changing Your Beliefs (Living Abundantly/Beauty Berry Room) 11:30 am - 12:30 pm    Facilitated by Sherry Ransom

You will change your limiting beliefs through insightful exercises, knowledge, and fun.  This session will take you to the NEXT level in living the life of your dreams by releaseing what blocks you.  Sherry guides you in traveling the path that leads to living your life to its fullest.  Sherry Ransom is a professional speaker, award-winning author of Three Paths, Three Choices – Getting the Life That You Deserve, and international radio personality whose passion is guiding others in identifying and living life to its fullest. While striving to live her passion, she soon discovered that she needed a roadmap to identify and defeat the dream demons that constantly appeared on her path. She honors the journey and its obstacles and identifies the unique barriers that each person encounters on the path to following their dreams. Her mission is in teaching others that they can do, be, and have anything that they can imagine. www.sherryransom.com

An Exercise in Universal Perfection (Going Within/Verbena Room) 11:30 am - 12:30 pm     Facilitated by David Tangredi

When you know of a man’s beliefs, you will understand his actions. When you know of a man’s purpose, you will understand his journey. The Perfection of the Universe is easy to see when we get what we want and life is wonderful and grand. But when things go awry and our journey detours into unusual and difficult places, have we or the Universe gone wrong? With increased awareness, everything gets easier as we better understand what’s at play. As our awareness increases, we will see perfection in everything. Join David Tangredi for an interactive exercise to see more of the Perfection of the Universe by pairing archetypal symbols from the Tarot with channeled wisdom to reframe real life challenges and gain a better understanding of your journey. David's extensive studies include energy healing, the Akashic Records, and the Archetypes of the Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology. He is an energy worker, a reader, and the author of A Fool’s Journey, and soon its sequel: The Boy who Wrote for the Gods. His blog, A Fool’s Inclination, often includes wonderful tidbits of channeled wisdom. The underlying theme is the Perfection of the Universe. The Journey of the Fool is always from where you are to where you want to be using the Perfection of the Universe. He helps others increase their awareness to see how the Universe is conspiring on their behalf.  www.afoolsinclination.com

Facing Your Fears (Wellness/Lantana Room) 11:30 am - 12:30 pm    Facilitated by Sherry Dawson

So many of us give up on pursuing our dreams and settle for less because we’re afraid of moving forward. This session provides a fun, safe environment where together we will explore the barriers that keep us from experiencing life the way we want to live it.  With proven tools and techniques that will guide you to self empowerment. You will discover what you are afraid of, and why; how fear has been affecting your life; the power of thoughts and how you can choose them; how to move from victim to creator, from pain to power; and the secret of making no-lose decisions. Based on the best-selling book “FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY®!” this session will help you change your perspective and face your fears.  Sherry Dawson is the owner/operator of InFocus Transitions, a company whose mission is to guide others in their journey through change, and to teach them skills and strategies that help make change easier and more meaningful. Sherry works as a transition strategist who helps others create their own roadmap to success by aligning goals with vision and designing personal power maps. Her background in corporate human resources, specializing in personal/professional development and change management, led her to a belief that every person has within them the ability to both adapt to and create change. She has coached and trained employees, managers, and individuals in both personal and business transitions to establish clarity and focus, identify opportunities, set realistic goals, and develop action plans.  www.infocustransitions.com

Secret Soul Messages (Creativity / Primrose Room) 11:30 am - 12:30 pm     Facilitated by Betty Rogers

What if there was a simple process to slow down your world, to scribble your way to joy and wisdom, to meditate any time and have a record of the results? Would you be interested? If you could release self-limiting beliefs, find an oasis of infinite calm, accept emotions compassionately, push past creative blocks,discover a fulfilling career, communicate with your inner 5-year-old, connect to your best and highest self, would you do it? You will be guided through a writing session using both your right and left hands and discover the power hidden in your “other” hand, opening yourself to amazing insights, and bringing you compassion and joy for the rest of your life. Betty Rogers, BA, MPA, is an Austin artist, published writer, and environmentalist. She’s helped clients receive incredible results through alternate handwriting in private sessions and seminars. She's also spoken at numerous networking, spiritual and transitions meetings.  www.BettyRogers.com

Emotional Freedom Technique (Healing / Library) 11:30 am - 12:30 pm      Facilitated by Kay Christopher

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a powerful technique for transforming emotions and creating the “relief” from upsetting conditions. It is a way to allow us to let go of resistance and live more in the flow of life. In this session we will explore experientially how to use EFT (also called "tapping") to raise our vibration on any given topic so as to experience increased health, better relationships, and abundance of every kind!  Kay Christopher, MA, EFTCert-II is a certified EFT practitioner with a background in psychotherapy, training and keynote speaking. She has over 20 years of experience counseling, coaching and leading workshops. She is a full time EFT practitioner, works with clients in the US and other countries, and teaches EFT Level 1 and Level 2 workshops. www.EFT-Austin.com


Celebrate Your Heart Concert (Expression / Amphitheatre) 11:30 am - 12:30 pm     Facilitated by India Taylor

This fun, healing concert begins with "Sanctuary," a guided meditation in song, as the lyrics and India's soothing voice help you leave the world behind and connect with the inner garden of your holiness. Your spirit will align with your true freedom of choice as India teaches you the sing-a-long chorus of her song "Thank You for My Freedom." "My Abundance Tree" will place you in the joyful of the Eden within you. You'll look at your journey with appreciation as "In Between Spaces" helps you notice how far you've come, and in releasing all but the present moment, you'll be open to see your next step. India Taylor uplifts your heart, enhances your healing process, and guides your heroic journey. With beautiful arrangements and a soothing voice, she has reconnected people with their innate well being since 2004. Her style, ranging from upbeat pop/rock to magically meditative, making her songs fun for walking, exercising and driving. Her award-winning music and delightful lyrics come from her daily spiritual practice. A versatile co-creator, India also practices a custom songwriting ministry called WeddingSongwriter.com in which she composes unique, beautiful songs for others' special occasions based on life stories.  www.indiataylor.com 


Book/CD Sale and Signing - Lunch - 12:30 - 1:30 pm

Color Your Life With Love - Heidi Shelton    www.ColorYourLifeWithLove.com
Three Paths, Three Choices – Getting the Life That You Deserve - Sherry Ransom 
Backyard Pearls: Cultivating Wisdom and Joy in Everyday Life - Carolyn Scarborough 
Batteries Included: How to Charge and Recharge Your Creative Cells - Tim Wright  www.wrightresults.com
Why didn't I die?  - Barbra Sonnen-Hernandez www.barbrasonnen-hernandez.blogspot.com
The Radiant Heart - Sharon Wesch (Wendt) www.inkwellproductions.com/The_Radiant_Heart.htm
Celebrate Your Well-Being - CD by India Taylor   www.indiataylor.com/id67.html
A Fool's Journey - David Tangredi  www.afoolsjourneythebook.com


Renew Your Future Session Descriptions - Afternoon Session 3 - 1:30 - 2:30 pm


Chakra Color Meditation: A Journey to Bliss (Living Abundantly-Beauty Berry Rm) 1:30-2:30 pm  Facilitated by Evelyn Talmadge

Our bodies have 7 major energy centers called chakras each relating to spiritual, physical, emotional or mental life-force and the seven colors of the rainbow. You will learn simple visualization techniques to open each chakra allowing you to center and heal yourself while releasing the lower vibratory frequencies of sadness, fear and anger creating integration and wholeness. The meditation technique uses breath work and visualization to allow you to feel more deeply and tap your psychic abilities while bringing feelings of relaxation, peace, and bliss. Evelyn Talmadge uses psychology and alternative therapeutic techniques in her practice called Goalsmiths. She works with clients to change their negative subconscious beliefs, their emotions and their life. Evelyn uses a variety of techniques including Psych-K (psychological kinesiology), reframing, hypnosis, and personal coaching exercises. Her sessions have helped clients achieve amazing results including releasing stress and anger, transforming relationships, and setting and achieving prosperity goals.

Pure Soul Alchemy (Going Within/Verbena Room) 1:30 - 2:30 pm      Facilitated by Gabriella Espinosa

You will be challenged to move through your preconceptions, programming & limitations, to question & change your belief system, and to expand into new possibilities. In this session, you will get a reading and clearing on your Energetic Life.  This is the phase of your creation from which your physical self/psyche and your everyday life and circumstances are created.  Very often, what creates the form that is us and our lives is from unconscious programs set in motion from our past lives, in uturo, our birth, early childhood, etc. etc.  These unconscious patterns and programs are what we look at and energetically alter.  We only do this in accordance with what your system is capable of handling in the moment. After a session, you may experience deeply peaceful states and expansive new perspectives. You may also go through a period of detoxification, assimilation and integration.  You may have physical symptoms resembling a cold, or fatigue. You may have old, buried emotions come up to the surface to be consciously dealt with and let go.  This is all normal and temporary. Be prepared to honor this part of your process!  Gabriella Espinosa is a certified Aura Soma practitioner and a Reiki Master energy worker. She has created the Pure Soul Alchemy modality and delivers it in her own special, exquisite way to deliver her gifts with caring, compassion and potency. She’s always been able to perceive subtle energies but started actively working with and developing these gifts as a young adult. When she started noticing subtle energetic shifts spontaneously occurring while she was working with people, she realized she had found her true calling.  She "just knew" the topics that needed to be addressed and that the right compassionate words would come through. www.puresoulalchemy.com

Strength, Destiny & Bliss (Wellness/Lantana Room) 1:30 - 2:30 pm      Facilitated by Gina McWhorter  

This session includes pranayam (breathing), yoga, and chanting, to build inner strength, align you with your destiny, and connect you with your bliss. Participants will be prepared for a daily practice.

Gina McWhorter / Sat Anad Kaur is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She has been a therapist with addictions, sexual abuse and trauma, and eating disorders for 19 years. For the last four years she has been facilitating yoga therapy workshops to assist in trauma resolution by facilitating a connection to one's inner truth. Gina also provodes EMDR and group therapy for survivor's of psychopaths/narcissists/and abusive relationships. Currenlty, she is in private practice in Austin.  www.ginamcwhorter.com 

Connect to Your Creativity  (Creativity / Primrose Room) 1:30 - 2:30 pm      Facilitated by Lynne West

Lynne West uses her artistic talents in mixed media as a creator of stain-glass, quilting, and ceramics and finger paints to get you in touch with your creative self.  Enjoy and embrace your innate creativity through various creativity experiences designed to find joy and discover the artist within.  Only a desire for joy is required, no prior experience or artistic abilities are needed. You will connect with your innate creativity through meditation and expression, discover the artist within, learn to receive unconditional approval and acceptance while releasing judgment, visualize life as art, and have fun giving freedom to your inner child.  Lynne West, is a self-taught abstract artist specializing in mixed media.  She brings her playful abilities learned through the practice of Laughter Yoga and her fun-loving spirit into the process of creation and artistry. 

Storytelling Self Discovery (Healing / Library) 1:30 - 2:30 pm      Facilitated by Nancy Wood Conover

According to an ancient Arabian proverb, “Every day of your life is a page of your history.”  One of the most powerful tools you can learn is how to share your personal experiences with others in an engaging, meaningful way. Discover how storytelling guides you on your journey into wholeness, leads to a greater connection to self, and brings your unique voice into the world. Bring a journal, pen or pencil.  Nancy Wood Conover is a critically-acclaimed storyteller with 25 years of experience, and founder of Silver Threads and Golden Years. Nancy is also a member of the Central Texas Storytelling Guild and the National Storytelling Network and teaches UT informal storytelling classes.


A Near Death Experience  (Expression/Amphitheatre) 1:30 - 2:30 pm    Facilitated by Barbara Sonnen-Hernandez

Barbara encountered a near death experience during time in a coma from an extended illness with Guillain-Barre Syndrome in 2008. She talks about some of the 30 dreams and visions she had, some foretelling future events and current happenings today. You will not want to miss hearing about the messages and premonitions she received from God! Barbra Sonnen-Hernandez's spiritual walk over the past 10 plus years has given her gifts of wisdom, knowledge and discernment from God. Through her traumatic experience of a horrific illness that God placed upon her to see the future of a devasting world and what can be done to prevent it. She has collected  these visions and premonitions in her book "Why Didn't I Die?" written with Divine guidance.  She has been led to speak of her visions to teach others and those also gifted in various ways to bring forward the hope of a better world.  www.barbrasonnen-hernandez.blogspot.com

Walk of Attention (Outdoor / Trails) 1:30 - 2:30 pm

This walking meditation takes you through the beautiful woods of McKinney Roughs Nature Preserve. You will experience a sense of the “other self” where the chattering mind quiets and you perceive directly without the filter of the mind.  Participants silently follow in single file step as the facilitator leads the group ending with a sitting meditation. Bring good walking shoes and something lightweight to sit on during the meditation, if desired.  Drinking water if needed and backpack to carry the water and sitting blanket.  Arms should be free to swing at your side. 



Embracing Your Spitirual Gift - Afternoon Session 4 - 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Color Your Life With Love (Embracing Your Gift/Dining Room) 3-4 pm     Facilitated by Heidi Shelton Oliver

Do you get frustrated by the stupid actions of others. Do you wonder how people could act or think as they do?  Do you wish people would be more like you? One significant influence in a person's behavior is the presence of their spiritual gift.  As you identify and recognize your spiritual gift and the various gifts of others, you will begin to understand their motivations and desires resulting from their spiritual gift.  Your greater understanding of others will cause to you have more fulfilling and authentic relationships with them and yourself. The 7 spiritual gifts are associated with the 7 colors of the rainbow and the 7 chakras.  The traits explained in this joint session for all attendees will help you determine if you gift is Red - Leader, Orange - Promoter, Yellow - Analytical, Green - Healer, Blue - Teacher, Purple - Artistic, or Violet - Spiritual.   

Heidi Shelton Oliver resides in Austin, TX with her husband Guy.  She enjoys spending time with her family, playing tennis, and talking about spirituality.  She has a passion for figuring out what motivates people and has been teaching the seven spiritual gifts for about 10 years.  After much urging from friends and family, Heidi published her analysis of the valuable information given to Joseph Crane by Archangel Michael.  In this book, she candidly shares her own journey of transforming feelings of frustration and anger to feelings of respect and gratitude as she was able to see the giftedness of the people around her.


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